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Online Nursing Programs RN To BSN

The need for well-educated nurses holding at least a BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in nursing degree). Not only that most prestigious hospitals across the US. require nurses to obtain such an upper-level degree, but the vital increase in the paycheck is a strong motive for most working nurses.

Benefits of Joining Online Nursing Programs RN To BSN

1- Extensive training: Seeking a BSN means more education and practice in the following fields: physical, social sciences, communication, administration and analytical thinking. Nursing is not an easy job as it used to be before. It’s rather more of a complex and expertise-dependant job nowadays.

2- More Skills: Studying for a BSN degree, will also get you involved in more clinical practice in non-hospital facilities.

3- Tuition reimbursement and financial aid eligibility: Many enrolled nurses holding an ADN (Associate’s Degree in Nursing) or nursing diploma can benefit from tuition compensation advantages. This financial reimbursement will help you pursue your dream of obtaining your BSN while continuing to work in the meanwhile.

10 Best Cheap Online Nursing Programs RN To BSN

Since it takes 4 years to acquire the conventional RN To BSN degree, a large percentage of students would rather choose one of the Online Nursing Programs RN To BSN. Working registered nurses may have some difficulty to study on-campus. Online RN to BSN programs offer the perfect solution to this issue. These are the most affordable schools across the nation:

1- New England Institute of Technology $230/Credit

2- Fort Hays State University $230/Credit

3- West Texas A&M University $295/Credit

4- California University of Pennsylvania $368/Credit

5- CUNY School of Professional Studies $275/Credit

6- The Ohio State University $398/Credit

7- Arizona State University $435/Credit

8- Sam Houston State University $216/Credit

9- Southeast Missouri State University $285/Credit

10- Penn State University- World Campus $584/Credit